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Analyzing Case Study

Creating an Analyzing Case Study – The Road Can be “Rocky”

If you are charged with producing a case study, you probably have at least a general idea of the goal and the process. You will be identifying a problem or an issue, conducting research to learn how that problem or issue was resolved by others, identifying potential solutions that you believe may work for the problem you have identified, and perhaps, in some academic fields, implementing a solution. In the case of a business case study, however, you will be analyzing what that business did to resolve its problem and whether that solution was effective. All that you do will then have to be written up into a scholarly piece which is then submitted for evaluation by your professor.

There can be Trouble Spots

Locating the most current and relevant resources can be a big first hurdle, because you must find comparable situations the truly relate to your study; looking at all of the solutions that others used and identifying one or more that might prove suitable for your case is the next step. In a humanities-related course you may then be asked to take the time to implement a solution and report on its results; in a business field, you may be then asked to research how those solutions actually worked in other organizations and to evaluate the efficacy of them for your current case. These are “tall orders” to fill!

When You Hit a Roadblock

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