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8 Tips For Finding and Maintaining Your Motivation as a Writer

February 19, 2016 - Posted to Tips

Content 8 tips for inspiration and motivation of writer

There are many great reasons to write. It boosts your creativity. If you are writing for work or school, doing so results in getting good grades and success. There are even emotional benefits to working. Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, finding the motivation to write can be quite difficult. Here are a few tips to help you to find and maintain that motivation.

1.Plan a Small Reward For Yourself When You Finish

First, set your writing goal. Maybe it will be finishing two paragraphs of an essay, or writing the first chapter of a work of fiction you are working on. You could also make it your goal to write for a specific amount of times or number of words. Once you have decided on your goal, you can choose your reward. You could take yourself out for ice cream, download a movie to watch, or give yourself a free pass on housecleaning for a day. Anything that is small, but personally meaningful usually works very well.

2.Use a Tomato Timer

A tomato timer is a tool used by people who use the pomodoro method for staying motivated and on task. You can download pomodoro as an app, or order a physical, tomato timer off of the internet (pomodoro = tomato). Essentially, the pomodoro method works by capitalizing on the idea that you are most productive and motivated at the beginning and end of a work session. So, each time you set the timer, it runs for 25 minutes while you work. These short chunks of work time mean that your work sessions are essentially all beginning and end, so you stay productive and on task. At the end of each 25 minute session, you get a short break. Every few sessions you get a slightly longer break.

3.Change Your Location

If you are trying to write and find yourself losing focus, or dozing off, try getting up and going somewhere else. You could try a park, a cafe, the library, anywhere as long as it is someplace different. You will find that your motivation often returns with the change of scenery. In fact, you may want to identify several different places to work on your writing so that you don’t get bored.

4.Get Some Exercise Before You Begin

It has been proven that exercising before you work on any academic task improves focus and attention. You will also find that your post workout energy will help to keep you motivated as you write. Just be sure you focus on light exercise. You don’t want to attempt to write after an exhausting and intense workout. You will simply be too tired.

5.Work in a Room With Natural Lighting

Exposure to natural light has a direct impact on positive mood, energy, and motivation. Lack of exposure results in loss of ability to concentrate, poor mood, low energy levels, and loss of motivation. If you are able to, make your writer’s workspace in an area of your home, dorm, or apartment that gets natural light. If you have a window that opens, that is even better, because you can combine the energizing effects of fresh air with those of natural lighting.

6.Write a List of the Positive Things That You Will Get Out of Writing

Sometimes it helps to remind yourself of what you are going to get out of your writing. For example, if you are working on a school assignment, your reward may be a good grade or a deeper understanding of a subject that is important to you. If you are writing for your work, finishing could mean impressing your boss, or simply getting an important task off of your to do list. If you are writing for your own self-development or as an emotional outlet, you can think of the ways writing helps you to become more emotionally centered. Reminding yourself of the positives will help you stay motivated when everything is going wrong.

7.Challenge Yourself to a Writing Game

Sometimes, you can stay motivated by building small games and challenges into your writing. Here are a few examples:

  • Learn three new words and try to find ways to use them in what you are writing
  • Set a speed goal of completing so many words within an hour
  • Challenge yourself to use one metaphor or simile in each paragraph
  • Identify which words and phrases you use over and over again. Then, force yourself to write something without using any of them.
  • Try to use a favorite quote or literary reference in your writing

8.Get a Study/Writing Buddy

Sometimes the best motivation is simply having a supportive person there studying with you. You can bounce ideas off of one another, enjoy some conversation during your breaks, and keep one another motivated if you are tempted to slack off. Just be sure the person you select is just as driven as you are. Working with a friend can help you to stay motivated to achieve your goals.

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