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Attracting International Students - What Universities Can Learn from Business Content Marketers

February 20, 2016 - Posted to Tips

Content attracting international students with content writing by paperboard

Generation Y, or more popularly known as the Millennials and today’s biggest consumers, grew up with the Internet and mobile phones. They have seen its beginnings as well as how the public started to embrace it and eventually, admit it or not, got addicted to it. Almost everyone is an owner of a laptop, a tablet, and a phone. They rely on it for information, communication, and even for products and services. This means that marketers and brands have to keep pace and move their business online to be able to engage with their consumers.

The Millennials have a positive view towards technology and they are very comfortable using it in their everyday lives. In fact, to save time and effort, the Internet has also become a marketplace where they purchase food, clothes, and other products and services. While at the start, they were vulnerable to spam and scams, they have grown wiser and more research-oriented through the years. Fancy advertisements no longer do the trick. Millennials now require more information and stability before actually making a purchase.

Same can be said when looking for a university to enroll in. Millennials today are more aggressive about choosing a university that will maximize their potential and, in return, give them a brighter future. Gone are the days that their parents would decide for them. Today, Millennials play a more active part in choosing which school or university to go to, and the Internet is the best place for them to make their in-depth research of possible schools which they can go to.

Marketing Strategies 101

  1. Avoid sales pitching. Instead of trying to hard sell your products and services, try publishing content on your website, blog, social media accounts, and even on fora and discussion boards that are interesting to both your prospective and current students. Make them feel that they come first and that you have a genuine interest in catering to their needs. Universities with a website complete with information about the school, the courses they offer, and other features that provide useful tips and material attracts potential enrollees without having to literally say to apply to the school. Good content will sell itself.
  2. Know your target market. Studies show that as early as the beginning of secondary school, students already start scouting for potential universities to go to. Your goal then is to establish a connection as early as that year level by posting subject matters and topics that are apt for that year level. Do not just post content that incoming university freshmen can relate to. The earlier you establish yourself to your prospective enrollees the better. Of course, it can help to establish connections between parents and school advisors, too, who play key roles in a student’s decision-making.
  3. Find out which social media they are most active at. Knowing which social media your prospective enrollees are most active at is definitely important because this is where you are supposed to post articles, surveys, videos, and other informative material for the purposes of maintaining a regular presence in the environment where your target customers usually are. This will serve as a reminder to them when it is time to decide where to go to for their higher education. Again, do not forget to post topics that are actually of interest to them.

How To Develop And Implement A Marketing Strategy

  1. Create a modern and functional website. It all starts with a good website. This is where your prospective enrollees will go to, first and foremost, to do their research on your university. Make it sleek, simple, and easy to navigate. Post blogs consistently and choose topics that are both informative and entertaining. This is where students usually go to check content and gauge whether the university is a perfect fit for them. Note that there are relevant keywords that you could include in your blog posts. These keywords are what parents and students usually use to locate potential universities, so make sure to incorporate these into your blog to make your website appear in their search results.
  2. Publish and promote good content everywhere. Do not just limit your content to your own website. You can make use of fora, discussion boards, blogs, and guest posts on blogs. Most of these media allow readers and students to post comments and feedbacks on these contents so you can engage with them and accommodate any queries related to your posts. Allow comments and feedbacks on your own blog, too, so you can engage with them on your own platform. Additionally, do not just post plain text content. Be creative and entertain them with photos and videos that will make your content more visually attractive.
  3. Use social media. Exploit the benefits of social media. This is where everyone is and it is for free. While having your own website and blog is necessary, having social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram, can help you reach out to more prospective enrollees or students. Getting in touch with them through social media will also provide you information on what they find interesting and entertaining and, in return, you will find new and relevant ideas for content. Competition among traditional universities for international students is pretty fierce, as is growing competition for online programs. You need to meet the competition head on.
  4. Send e-mail notifications. Ask your readers and students to leave an e-mail address for future notifications. While this could sometimes be pesky, it can be quite useful when used wisely and sparingly. Send notification e-mails only that are essential to them like information about campus events, or blogs that provide tips for incoming freshmen.

Marketing strategies can either attract or repel enrollees and applicants so make sure your strategy does the former. You should only post content that is both informative and entertaining. Should you need assistance in developing your website and marketing content, our paper writing service can help you in that department. Just click on the link and we will be there to help you any time! 

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