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How to Edit Your Paper in College

August 22, 2016 - Posted to Tips

Content how to edit your paper in college

Finishing your paper on time might just be the most exhilarating feeling a college student can have. All the time and work you’ve dedicated to researching papers online and writing your own has finally paid off. The problem with education in USA is that it’s often the little details in your paper that pull your grade down. Things of little significance to the message your paper is sending and yet, they force you to pay close attention when editing.

While your college paper may be finished, it still needs a few kinks sorted out before you submit it for review. Keep in mind that even the best papers out there still need fixing after they are written. So how would you go about editing your college paper before handing it over?

Take a break before editing

It’s hard to edit a college paper that you’ve just finished writing. The words and paragraphs are still to close to you. Take a few hours to let off some steam and relax. After that, try reading your paper with a fresh set of eyes. Not only will you look at the paper from a different perspective, you will also start noticing errors and become more objective towards your own writing. Attaining the writing skills to help you edit your paper will come with time, since no one is born capable of doing everything. Give it some time and read through your paper carefully.

Once you actually start editing your college paper, make sure to take breaks. If you do it in one sitting, you might feel like you are rushing it just to get it over with. This is not a good idea. Take a walk, grab a glass of water or play some music, but take a break every once in a while to clear your head. The editing process is more about keeping a close eye for mistakes rather than researching facts and forming your thoughts. Try to look at it from that point of view and you should be good.

Take your time

It’s easy to get excited about your college paper being finished and just submitting it to get it over with. Try to fight the urge and think carefully about it from a distance. Is the paper really finished or do you just want it to be finished? This is why it’s always a good idea to work ahead of schedule; otherwise you have to rush it.


It’s important to read your paper once or twice after you declare it finished. For starters, try passing your paper through an online checking tool to make sure there aren’t any glaring errors you’ve made in proofreading. While editing papers online may work in some cases, it’s important to look at each sentence carefully and make sure that it makes sense in the context of your paper.

The most important thing about writing successful papers is in maintaining a consistent tone of voice and making sure that your college paper is consistent in the message it’s sending. Whatever your topic is, the paper should let the reader know how you feel about it without any hesitations or changes of heart. Such papers often leave readers, in this case professors, confused as to what you tried to say. After all, checking your college papers online is always a good place to start the proofreading process.

Develop your style

You will do a lot of college writing and sometimes the pain of writing and editing a paper will become too much. So much so that sometimes you will feel like submitting the paper without doing any editing. This is why developing your own style of editing is important.

Try printing your paper in order to get a different perspective while reading it. Checking papers online before doing so is a good idea, but keep a pen close to you to mark any errors you come across. Same rule applies for the place in which you do your editing. Try going to a coffee place or a park if your room is becoming too dull. The editing process doesn’t require as much focus as college paper writing. This means that you can do it in different places and feel more energized for doing so.

The most important thing is that as long as you are ahead of your deadline, you can do anything you want and edit your paper any time and any where. Finding a perfect editing style will let you do it more quickly and with better results, simply because you will enjoy doing it.

Check your formatting and references

Try to avoid the mistake of missing a citation or misquoting a source. It’s normal to feel exhausted after all the college paper writing you’ve done but don’t trip just before the finish line. Check all of your citations and references one more time before submitting the paper to make sure you can account for all of your sources. Some professors will specifically keep an eye out for these mistakes just so they can point them out to you. Don’t give them the courtesy and check your sources and references.

Ask for help

Whether it’s your professor, your college friend or a service that writes papers online, always be sure to ask for help from anyone if you have problems editing your paper. Don’t come up with solutions based on your knowledge, since often times it will end up being wrong. Get an outsider’s perspective on your college paper issues and try to apply any comments or suggestions that you receive.

While it’s good to be independent and solve your own problems, it’s even better knowing when to ask for help. Your professor or colleague might just give you a brilliant idea that you didn’t think of yourself and it could transform your college paper into something amazing. Don’t shy away from asking for a helping hand whenever you feel like you need one.

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