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The Best Time for Studying and Paper Writing

July 26, 2016 - Posted to Tips

Content the best time for studying and paper writing

Finding the best time for studying or writing a paper is very subjective and depends on personal preferences. Some people function better during the day while others identify themselves more as night owls. Often times students are waiting for the last moment in order to set up their working schedule and by that time, sleep depravity and lack of energy are just around the corner. So the life-long question remains, what is the best way to choose when to study and get actual work done?

Wage the pros and cons

While obvious, it’s important to think about benefits of studying and paper writing at different times of day. While you may be energetic and full of positive energy during the day, you might be too distracted or have too much going on already. Night time is different, offering peace and quiet while allowing you to focus on your work but messes up your sleeping schedule and makes you cranky during the day. There are many pros and cons to take into consideration and the most important thing is to adapt your paper writing and studying to your daily plans and schedule.


You shouldn’t do this if your exams are around the corner, but experimenting is a good way of finding out what makes you tick as a college student. The pros and cons of traditional education don’t apply for everyone, so why should you only study when it’s “normal” to study? Try studying in different places during different times of the day under different circumstances. Take note of how fast you are reading, paper writing, studying or simply working. You will start noticing that some techniques work better than others, and these are the ones that you should focus on. You owe it to yourself to experiment and discover your personal working technique, even if it takes resorting to a writing service at one point because you were unable to focus enough to work. Each next time will be easier, and by the time you find your workflow, you will be ready to develop a schedule and organize your time.

Develop a routine

Once you start getting an idea of what time of the day is perfect for studying, develop a schedule based around that time. You can always have a few hours to work peacefully during the night if you develop a routine where you take naps during the day to compensate for lack of sleep. You shouldn’t do this for an extended period however, since it will severely affect your sleeping schedule. Try to resort to night studying or paper writing only when you absolutely have to. Many students tend to resort to finding the best paper writing service to help them out when they have a hard time working themselves. While this is okay, try not to force yourself into staying up during the night too much since humans are made to be active during the day and our organisms can’t stand this kind of stress for longer periods of time.

Reward yourself

It’s actually easier said than done, since breaks often make us forget about work to a point where we don’t come back to it until much later. Develop a personal reward system that promotes working. For example, you could have a ten minute break for each hour spent paper writing or working. Or you could treat yourself to a nice meal or a sweet if you followed your plan throughout the whole day. Make sure to find ways of appreciating the work you are doing, since you will be doing it a lot in college. You could even find and use a good writing service to help you finish a paper you were stuck with as a reward for good work so far.

A good way of distracting and rewarding yourself is to start blogging about your college life and progress you are making. Having people appreciate and comment on the work you are doing will do wonders for your productivity and help you find new ways of studying or paper writing. Keep in mind that any reward is a good reward and you know yourself the best, so make sure to find that special thing that makes you happy.

Get plenty of rest

This cannot be stressed enough. Whether you are paper writing, studying for that big exam or simply reading up on the latest lessons, find time to sleep and rest. Even if it means sleeping during the day, you owe it to yourself to recharge your batteries in order to be ready for everything you need to do. Students will often be sleep deprived, nervous, lacking energy and focus simply because they think they can handle lack of sleep, while in fact it’s often the opposite.

We as humans are made to sleep good eight hours per day, and while it seems too much to devote so much to simply sleeping, it’s not about how long you can stay awake that counts. In college, and in life, it’s about what you do with the time you’re awake that counts the most. Students that have regular sleeping schedules (whether it’s night or day) are known to work better and have greater performance when studying and paper writing than those who don’t. Even if it does mean resorting to a paper writing service to take some load off your back, if you don’t sleep properly, you will not do well in lectures or exams, and that’s bad news. What’s the point of finding the best time to study if you lack sleep and can’t focus in class? Your daily routine should revolve around studying, lectures and sleeping, with occasional breaks and ways to let off steam. College often means giving up certain pastimes in order to be more efficient, so in the end, some things will end up getting cut out of your schedule. Make sure that studying and sleep are not among them.

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