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Writing a book review is not the same as producing a book report, and students must learn the difference before they ever begin a review. Generally, a book review requires an in-depth discussion and analysis of some aspect of the work, not a brief, shallower summary of plot, characters, setting, theme, etc. Perhaps you will be asked to provide a full character analysis of the major protagonist; maybe you will be charged with a discussion of the universality of a theme.

Writing a book review usually entails reading the work at least two times, and that is time-consuming in itself. Then you have to engage in some reflection about that aspect upon which you must focus, before you can get a semblance of your theme and points to cover.

When You Are Not Prepared for the Book Review

Sometimes, book review assignments just “creep up” on you and you have not even yet read the book. At this point, you are online looking to buy a book review from many of those services that sell them. The problem is this: You will get a good book review, but it will cover virtually every aspect of the book, and you will then need to “weed out” only what you need for your assigned review, re-write all of that in your own words, and hope that what you have written is different enough from the writing of other students who have done the same thing!

Get Your Book Review the Smart Way

Place an order for your book review at, and give us the details of the assignment. We will provide an expert writer who “knows” the book cover-to-cover and who will give you a great review with fresh, unique thought and content. Yours will stand apart from all of the others and merit a great grade.

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