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Cover Letters Writing Help

Woe be unto the job candidate who is using a stock, standard cover letter with his/her resume submissions, or, worse, using no cover letter at all! Cover letters do get skimmed, and if the first sentence of yours does not tell the reader that you are worth more than just a skim, your chances of gaining an interview are about as good as winning the lottery.

Here’s the Thing About Cover Letters

HR managers or employment decision-makers expect a cover letter to accompany a resume they receive. When they don’t see one, or they see one that begin with the same dull opening sentence, they come to an immediate conclusion – the candidate did not take the time to craft a “cover” that really related to the position opening and therefore an only be described as lazy. No one wants a lazy employee.

Every cover letter you send must be created for the specific position and company/organization to which you are applying. Each one must be unique, and each one must have an opening sentence that “hooks” the reader immediately. If you do not have the skill to do this, then you need to get yourself over to right now. We have creative cover letter writers who, with the proper information from you, can produce wonderfully engaging cover letters for every resume you intend to submit and produce them rapidly.

  1. Complete an order form for your cover letters
  2. Give your writer information on the position and the company
  3. Provide a deadline, no matter how urgent

We handle everything from that point on – you just get ready for your interviews!


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