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Creating Lab Reports

Creating Lab Report Write-Ups

High school lab reports were pretty simple. You had a pre-designed form. You wrote down your question ad hypothesis, ran your experiment, and then wrote down the results. Life in the science lab was pretty simple then. Not so much in college. Now lab reports take on a whole new meaning. Yes you still come up with a research question and a hypothesis, but the similarity ends there. There are now other facets to your report that entail the following:

  1. You must conduct a literature review of similar research that has been completed in the past, write a summary of that research and who how it is relevant to your experimentation.
  2. You must design your experimentation, usually with an experimental and control group, and you must prepare a prose write-up of the methodologies you plan to use.
  3. You then conduct the experimentation and record all of the data you obtain.
  4. You write up your results and any implications they may have for further study.

Each lab report, then, becomes a pretty major research project.

When it is No Longer Fun

Most students of the hard sciences enjoy their lab work. What they don’t enjoy are the write-ups that come afterwards. And that’s where comes in. We can assign a science academician to take your data and prepare a stunning lab report according to all of your specific instructions.

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