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David Rost


My name is David Rost. I was born in a small city Yorkville, Illinois. My family isn’t an ordinary one. My father is a sailor, mum- yoga trainer, and personally I can’t imagine my life without various journeys. I can’t say that I was keen on studying during my school years, moreover, I didn’t want to enter the university. However, my dad almost made me to study at Loyola University in Chicago. And I’m really grateful to him for it. My experience at the university has absolutely changed my life. I became a hard-working student, met a lot of purposeful people, gained vital knowledge. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and realized my aim: I wanted to lean much more about this world. That’s why I spent almost a year travelling around the Europe and the USA.I got acquainted with so many people in this trip- hitchhiking is the best way to do it. During my visits to different countries I discovered local customs and cultures. After my returning home I started to implement all skills in my work and began to work as a freelance writer in I think that the main thing for every person is in self-improvement and mental development. I really believe that you will highly appreciate my blog.