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Dissertation Chapter - Discussion

The “light at the end of the tunnel”

The writing is getting much brighter now – just one chapter to go! If you are in the process of producing chapter 5 of your dissertation, you know that you are doing a number of things here:

  • You are providing a solid interpretation of the analyses of your data
  • You are ready to answer your research question
  • You are going to point out the importance of what was learned from your study
  • You are going to assess/evaluate what you have done, so that others make take your results and either validate them or add to them.

As you prepare this chapter, here are a few pointers:

  • Organization will be key, so prepare an outline before you ever begin to write
  • Every point you make must go back to your initial literature review and to your research questions
  • Use only the present tense unless you are at the point of making recommendations for further research

Your discussion chapter will be one that your committee members will read very carefully before they approve your dissertation. They want to see a beautifully organized and scholarly presentation that reflects the high standards of the institution and that they will be proud to have published. You can’t get this one wrong, or you will be re-writing it. With so much riding on this chapter, it only makes sense for you to secure some assistance, if only to review what you have composed.

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Here’s how this works: You can get any level of help you need. If you have already written your discussion/conclusion chapter, you can have a Ph.D. consultant review it, make suggestions for improvement, or re-write portions that may have issues; if you have not begun to write the chapter, you can upload your research question and results chapter directly to your consultant, and have him/her craft the entire chapter; or you can request any type of assistance that falls between these two extremes. It’s really all up to you!

You Remain in Control

Nothing is done without consistent collaboration between you and your writer. You will review everything that is written and maintain your right to accept or request changes. Our work for you is not complete until you reach a level of full satisfaction, and that is our guarantee to all of our clients.

When you use our services to get that chapter 5 completed, you can be assured that it will be exactly right. Don’t wait – this is the finale of your dissertation! Place your order right now or contact customer support with any questions you may have.


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