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Dissertation Chapter - Abstract

Remember all of those abstracts your read when you began your literature review? You have certainly seen enough examples to understand exactly what must be included in the abstract, but getting all of your hard work consolidated into a one-page summary is a bit more difficult than you may realize.

Remember, your abstract must briefly state your research question, summarize your research design and results, and then point to the importance of your study to those who will be conducting similar research in the future. These future researchers need to decide if your dissertation is relevant enough to be read in its entirety and to be included in their literature reviews, because their studies may build upon your work.

Getting it right

While it is only a one-page document, most have some difficulty with composing their abstracts. If this is you, then your best option may be to get a professional to take a look at what you have done and to compose, edit, or re-write it for you. Here is all you need to do:

  • Place an order for your abstract on the website
  • Upload what you have written thus far, or, if you have not begun, provide the information that needs to be included – your research question, your methodology details, and your results
  • A Ph.D. in your field will take your details and produce a stellar abstract that will meet the scholarly expectations for publishing.

It really is this simple! The abstract can be produced quickly and be back to you when you need it!


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