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Editing Coursework and Other Assignments

No essay or research paper, or any other coursework, for that matter, should ever be submitted for a grade unless it has been thoroughly reviewed and edited and a final best copy has been produced. If you fail to do this, you are taking a big risk that your organization, paragraph and sentence structure, transitions, and grammar will not meet your instructor’s expectations. Maybe your term paper or book review lacks solid organization; perhaps your case study or lab report has poor transitions or sentence structure errors; it’s possible that your research summary or annotated bibliography has formatting errors; your book report or movie review has not included all of the detailed requirements. All of these things will lower your grade or result in your work being returned for a re-write. And if that re-write is for a section of your thesis or a chapter of your dissertation, then you have a lot of work to do!

Don’t Edit Your Own Work

When you have completed an article, and article critique, or a reaction paper, you may think you have done just a super job of writing, and you are somewhat emotionally attached to your work. It is often the case, then, that you will overlook some pretty glaring errors that others will easily discover, including your instructors. You really need a skilled writer to provide a complete review and edit. Such a person will find errors in structure, coherency, wording, and grammar and provide the re-write that you need. is the Place for Editing

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