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Finding Proofs

Finding Proof

The complex and lengthy geometric proofs at the college level can drive many a student pretty crazy. And even math majors can find themselves completely overwhelmed. Sometimes, a student is absolutely excellent in courses requiring difficult algebraic concepts and algorithms, but simply does not “get” geometry. That is to be expected, because two different sides of the brain are involved and we all have a dominant side. Unfortunately, however, several geometry courses will be required, and finding proofs will be an integral part of that course curricula

When You’ve Had Enough

If you have struggled with proofs and just cannot seem to “see” them, and you have assignments due, you can get speedy help from expert geometrists at All of them have Master’s degrees, and some hold Ph.D.’s in geometry specialty areas. They have been helping undergraduate and graduate math students for years, and can give you the same kind of assistance. So here is what you have to do right now:

  • Get your order form filled out and detail exactly what you need.
  • Upload the geometry proof problems with your order or wait until you have confirmation that your expert has been assigned and get your account page. Then, you can upload the problems directly to him/her.
  • If you have completed a part of any proof, upload that too, so that your expert can see what you have done so far and point out any errors you may have made.
  • Wait for notification that your proof(s) are finished. Download them and get a complete explanation of each step in the process. And if you need more clarification, your assistant is available for that.

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