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Dissertation Services

You were probably pretty “pumped” when all of your coursework ended! Finally, you could get to work on that dissertation and just get that degree! In fact, before the coursework was even completed, you had probably begun the initial steps for that dissertation:

  • Perhaps you have had your research question approved by your advisor
  • You may even have begun your initial research in preparation for your proposal
  • Maybe your proposal has already been submitted and approved and you are in the beginning stages of your project.

 But now, you are ready to press forward without courses and other assignments, and that feels good. Not so fast!

You Hit Some Roadblocks

Yes, you will hit these. Every dissertation writer does. Here are some typical ones:

  1. Your literature review is due, according to the timeline you and your advisor have set. And you are still reading and studying pieces of literature, and have not yet begun to synthesize it all to write the chapter.
  2. You have revised your research instruments over and over and still cannot seem to get them exactly right.
  3. You have completed your research and have all the data. Now you have to report it and analyze it and you realize that your statistics courses did not really prepare you for what you must do.

Be Smart – Get Some Help! has a full staff of Ph.D. researchers and writers – as a team, they cover all fields of research, so we will have one who is appropriate to help you. Here is what you need to do:

  • Get in touch with our customer support department – call, email, or live chat – we’re here 247
  • Describe the type of assistance you need, and let us locate the perfect consultant for you
  • You and the consultant can discuss all of the details, and s/he can get to work immediately
  • You can arrange for progressive delivery and payments, if the amount of work is lengthy
  • You will have access to all work as it is completed, and the time to review it and ask for any changes
  • Our work with your will always be confidential

Almost no Ph.D. candidate completes a dissertation all alone. You shouldn’t either. Don’t delay any more. Give us a call or shoot us an email today.


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