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Dissertation Chapter - Introduction Chapter

When you embark upon your dissertation, you advisor may want to see and review each chapter sequentially, beginning with the introduction. You must negotiate your way out of this, because you really do not want to prepare that introduction until the other chapters are complete and you have the opportunity to reflect on the entire project. Most who write their introductions first, it turns out, end up re-writing them anyway.

Purpose of the Introduction

Your introduction has the same purpose as an introduction for any essay or paper you have written throughout college. In it you will be giving your reader “advance notice” of what is to come. And, like any other introduction, you want to engage your reader from the onset. So you have to find the balance between scholarly and enticing language, and you are allowed to be just a bit personal in this one chapter, as you:

  • Introduce your research questions
  • Briefly speak to your methodology
  • Point to the conclusions you were hoping to reach as a result of your study
  • Speak to the importance of the possible results without, of course, divulging them.

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