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Dissertation Chapter - Literature review

What is the Literature Review Part All About!

If there is one common complaint on the part of Ph.D. candidates who are engaged in their dissertation production, it is the amount of time they must spend reviewing the existing literature in their research area. They read abstract after abstract, find works that could be quite relevant, read through the entire pieces, and then discover that they are not relevant enough. And so they go back for more. Often, it takes weeks just to locate the most appropriate literature, and then the process of reading it all once again and trying to synthesize it begins. And all the student really wants to do is get on with his/her own research!

Some students try to take shortcuts by reading the abstracts, introductions and results chapters. Unfortunately, this can backfire, because there are committee members that may know the literature well and know that you left out important content – you may find yourself, in the end, rewriting that literature review chapter.

You Can Avoid the Time and Frustration

The bottom line is this: If you will come to for help, we will provide you with a Ph.D. researcher in your field who is already totally familiar with the literature that is “out there” and who can either point you in the direction of that literature or, in fact, prepare a great literature review chapter for you. You can request as little or as much help as you need.

You really have nothing to lose here. Save yourself time and energy that could be focused on other important aspects of your work – leave the literature review up to us. Complete our online order form or contact our customer support department right now.


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