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Making Article Critiques

In any number of courses, you will be presented with academic articles written by others, and you will asked to prepare a critique of those articles. You may, in fact, not fully understand what goes into what goes into a critique of this type, but, at a minimum, you will need to comment on the following:

  1. Summarize the thesis and points made by the author
  2. Evaluate the manner in which the author has communicated his/her points – is there a logical flow?
  3. Is there an obvious bias?
  4. What is the tone and style?
  5. If the article presents an argument or position, is it convincing?
  6. If resources are used, are they authentic and reputable?

This is quite a lot to cover but all is required if the critique is to be scholarly and worthy of a good grade. Can Relieve You of this Task

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