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Making Movie Reviews

Movie Reviews – They are Pretty Complex!

We have all either read or viewed movie reviews by famous critics. They are usually relative short pieces that make comments about the directing, the quality of actors’ performances, the use of special effects, and they always end with their personal evaluation and recommendations for the general public about seeing the film.

The Academic Movie Review May Be of Two Types

  • For a Film Class: If you are enrolled in a films program, you will undoubtedly study a history of film-making, and you will be viewing lots of movies that show the evolution of acting, directing, screen-writing, and all manner of special effects. In these instances, your reviews will be somewhat like those of current critics, except that you will be analyzing the film from the perspective of the process of production as opposed to personal taste.
  • For Other Courses: There will be many times when a movie and subsequent review will be assigned, because of its content and/or theme, particularly in English, history, law, sociology, psychology, and even philosophy. In these instances, you will be looking for such things as the literary elements, historical context, or perhaps political and/or social comment. Your review will address these elements according to your instructor’s specifications.

What Takes So Long?

For one thing, you will most probably have to view the film twice in order to be able to write a review that provides accurate references to specific parts of the film that support the points you are making. So, you view it once for overall impression, and a second time for the specific details you need for your review. Then, of course, you have to actually write the review.

Students Often Use for Movie Reviews

Because of the sheer amount of time involved, and sometimes because students just don’t like the movie in question, we receive orders for movie reviews on a regular basis. If you need a really stellar review, and have neither the time nor the inclination, just place an order with us, giving us the title nd your instructor’s requirements. We’ll turn it over to a writer who knows the movie well and who cn product an original, perfectly written review for you!


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