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Making News Articles

Using Informative News Articles as a Marketing Tool

If you have never considered writing a news article as a way to attract customers, you are not alone. This is part of a relatively new marketing concept that is known as content marketing. The idea is simple. Rather than hammering your customers with hard sell tactics or purchasing advertising space, you get them interested in your business by providing them with useful or entertaining information. In turn, they see your business as a great source of education and entertainment, and thus a relationship is born. Then, when they are ready to do business, the likelihood that they will select you over your competitors is much stronger. Today businesses of all sizes are successfully using professionally written articles to attract customers.

Here’s how it Works

When you hire us to write news articles for your business, we will work with you to determine the article topics that will be most attractive to your customers and potential customers. Then, we determine, with your help, the best places to publish your news articles. This typically includes your website, your blog, other websites and blogs that welcome guest posts, and online publications that are specifically aimed at consumers in your industry. Now, here’s some really good news. When your article is published, we will include a link back to your website. This increases the likelihood of people coming to your website after reading your article content.

Why not try Something New?

Having informative news articles professionally written and published on the internet is a great way to introduce your company to new audiences. We’d really like to help you get started. Why not contact a customer service rep at Papers Board to discuss your needs?


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