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Making Reaction Papers

Throughout your college career, you will be faced with writing reaction essays and papers. And the title of this assignment says it all. You will be given something to read or to view and then you must react or respond to it in a scholarly way. In many cases, the subject of the reaction paper will be a controversial one, and you will be responding to the arguments being posed, to the logic of those arguments, to the efficacy of the presentation, etc. Other points you will probably need to cover may be the style, tone, the purpose, or thesis, and the impact that the piece has on its readers or viewers.

Writing the Piece

Once you have completed the viewing or the reading (and that may be multiple times), you have taken the notes and you have attempted to insert your analytical and evaluative thoughts, you are now ready to actually write the piece. First, of course, you must organize the sequence in which you will cover all aspects of your piece, so that what you write is coherent and fluent. Indeed, organizing the reaction paper is a critical part of the writing process.

If You are Frustrated

If you struggle with reaction papers, understand first that you have plenty of company. They are difficult to produce, and even worse if the subject is something in which you have no interest. So, take the “path of least resistance” and let an expert from take on the task for you. You’ll just provide all of the details, and a suitable writer will be assigned immediately. In the end, you’ll get a reaction paper that is original, scholarly, and exactly as you have ordered it!


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