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Dissertation Chapter - Methodology

The Third Chapter Of Your Dissertation

Finally, you are ready for chapter 3, and you are eager to explain all of the details of your methodology and to justify it as the most appropriate approach to what you are researching. You outlined your methodology in your proposal, and the committee has approved it, so now you are ready to fill in all of the necessary detail, including any constraints that may exist. You will also include in this chapter the instruments you have devised to conduct the research and explain how they will give you the data you need. This chapter will provide the validity you need to prove that your study will be worthwhile and contributory to your field, so it must be perfectly prepared.

When You Have Doubts

There are some pitfalls to avoid as this chapter is developed:

  1. Organizing the chapter so that it is fluent and coherent can be an issue.
  2. Designing instruments that collect all of the data that will be needed and yet avoid collecting data that will be irrelevant or provide “nuisance” is certainly critical.

It is normal for students to have doubts about their construction of the methodology chapter, and that is where can step in with its expertise. is Your Source for Help

Here, you will find a Ph.D. researcher in your field to review, edit, re-write, and generally polish your methodology chapter so that it is comprised of everything that is necessary. Further, this individual can help you devise your instruments or review those that you have already created, and ensure that they are a perfect “fit” for what you are trying to study. As you use our services, moreover, here is what you will always have:

  • Direct and continuous conversation and collaboration with your writer
  • Complete confidentiality
  • The right to review all work that is done on your behalf and to request revisions as you wish
  • Competitive pricing

Don’t leave that methodology chapter until you have obtained some expert advice and help – it is too important. Let us know exactly what you need, and you’ll have the chapter you really want and need.


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