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Multiple Choice Questions

At the beginning of each semester, you receive a syllabus for each course in which you are enrolled. In that syllabus are all of your course assignments, due dates, and of course, those windows of time for getting on the course portal and taking those enjoyable multiple-choice unit, mid-term, and final examinations. While you may have learned the course content quite well, there is still a lot of time involved in reviewing it all for those tests that must be taken according to the deadlines given. Students usually hat these tests for two reasons:

  1. They don’t have the time to review enough to get a good grade
  2. They have “test anxiety” and always do poorly, causing their course grades to go down.

You Can Get the Help you Need

What’s your subject – English, history, political science, math, economics, sociology, biology? It doesn’t matter at all. We have content experts with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D.’s who can step up to the plate and take your multiple choice tests for you, whether timed or un-timed.

Here is how you get this accomplished:

  • Place an order for the test and give all the details – your academic level, the specific course title, and a detailed listing of the content to be covered on the test. If you have a review sheet, upload it.
  • We’ll find the expert to take your test for you and inform you of that.
  • You provide your login information and the deadline for the test to be taken.
  • Your test is taken, and your grade is great!

Note: We can help with both timed and un-timed tests, although timed tests will cost just a bit more. In either case, however, our prices are reasonable and our service always confidential. Your login information is deleted from our system once the test is completed.


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