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Perfect Dissertations

All About Making Your Dissertation Perfect

Of course, you want your dissertation to be “perfect.” You want it approved the first time it is submitted, so that you do not have to go back and make time-consuming revisions. While there probably are no “perfect” dissertations, there are certainly really great ones, and that is what your goal should be. So, what constitutes a great dissertation?

  • You posed a scholarly and worthy research question which was approved
  • You have produced an introduction that “sets the stage” for your original research and justifies the importance of your research question to your academic field of study
  • You have summarized the existing research in your literature review chapter, including all studies that specifically relate to your research question
  • You have written a methodology chapter that details the breadth and depth of your research, the specifics of the research activities, and the data that you will be gathering, along with any instruments you will use
  • You have a results chapter that provides a detailed presentation of the data you have gathered and have present that data in both prose and graphical representations.
  • You have created a discussion chapter that includes a complete and comprehensive analysis of the data that answers your research question and makes recommendations for additional study by future researchers.
  • You are able to defend all that you have done before your committee.

Getting the Help You Need

Very few doctoral candidates produce their dissertations completely on their own. They made need help with the literature review; they may need help devising the instruments to be used; they often require assistance with the statistical analysis of the data they have collected. This is normal and natural, so you should not feel less than competent if you find that you need some assistance. can give you any type of assistance you may need, because we have Ph.D.’s on board in all research fields, and we will have one to consult with you for any purpose. All you need to do is to contact our customer support department and explain exactly what your need is. We take it from there by matching your dissertation topic with the appropriate Ph.D. and setting up the methods by which you and that consultant can collaborate to complete your dissertation.

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