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Problems Research

Math research problems are reserved for graduate level study, and many students find them exciting and enjoyable. Generally, these are problems to which others have not found a solution, and the job of the research is to do the following:

  • Conduct a full review of the literature on the problem, so that you can provide a summary of the work that others have done in researching a solution to the problem, and so that you know what did not work
  • Pose possible methods of finding a solution and then implement those solution options
  • Chances are you may not find a solution either. But you will have contributed to the body of research that has gone before you and to others who will research the same problem in the future.

If You are Stuck

Whether your problem research involves theorem proving and/or problem solving, or theory building, you may be having difficulty identifying solution options or testing those options to determine if they work and then explaining why you believe they did not work. Wherever you are “stuck,” you can find the assistance you need from a Ph.D. mathematician at And when you upload the problem that is the focus of your research with your order form, we can locate one of our experts who actually may have worked on this problem before and who can thus provide great insights.

At any case, your personal assistant will collaborate with you directly, through your personal account page on our site, and, together, you can work through identifying the options and then testing them for efficacy. Your final product will be a scholarly piece of research that you fully understand and that will impress your professor.

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