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You have finished that essay or research paper; your book review is printed out and ready to go. All in all, you are keeping up with all of your coursework assignments pretty well. Even that term paper that is not due for two more weeks is in the writing phase.

The disappointment comes days later when that book report or reaction paper is returned with a bunch of red marks because there were small errors in punctuation, grammar, agreement, or other language usage, and your grade has been lowered. And if that happens with a thesis section or a dissertation chapter, it doesn’t mean a lowered grade – it means a full re-write!

No Reason to Have Errors!

You may be quite good at getting down your thoughts for a movie review, a research summary, or an article critique; your case study or lab report may have great data to present. But in your instructor’s eyes, small English grammar and mechanical errors should not occur – after all, you are supposed to be engaged in scholarly writing. And if that annotated bibliography has format mistakes, you are “toast.”

You can avoid the lowered grades and the calls for re-writes, if you get someone else to proofread your work – not just anyone, but an experienced and expert grammarian, such as those at You can place an order, upload an essay, paper, graduate project, or an article, give us a deadline, and the proofreading will be accomplished quickly. You will have a fully polished piece of writing to submit!


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