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Research Summary Help

Getting Superior Research Summary Help

Research summaries are written for a variety of projects, usually at the graduate school level. If you are conducting laboratory or field study, part of writing up that final report will entail a summary of all of the similar research that has gone before yours. If you are preparing a thesis or dissertation, then you will have either a section or a chapter dedicated to a review of all of the relevant literature.

Preparing a Research Summary Involves Three Big Tasks

  1. You have to locate the appropriate research, and you will preview a great deal before you select the studies that you actually need to include in your summary.
  2. You must read and study each piece of literature, taking notes – a major time element involved here!
  3. You must then synthesize those studies in a coherent fashion and write the summary itself.

Good research summaries take weeks to prepare, and they can really wear a student down. They are not particularly exciting or fun, but, nevertheless, a required part of the process of producing scholarly works.

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