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Dissertation Chapter - Results

Results Chapter 4 - is “Sink or Swim” Time 

You have all of your research data. Now the challenge is to present that data and analyze it for its significance and relevance to your research questions. You must report and analyze in two ways – with a stellar prose presentation and with perfect graphics that provide accurate visual representations of the data itself and the statistical analysis. There are important considerations for this chapter:

  • All of your results and all of your analyses must precisely relate to your research question.
  • If you get results that do not directly relate back to your research question, you need to eliminate them from your reporting and analysis.
  • If you get unexpected results, you should include them but only as constraint or nuisance factors that you must describe and explain.
  • Clearly label and number all of your graphics

You will be utilizing 3 skills in this chapter – excellent scholarly writing, perfect graphic design, and mathematical expertise. It is unusual for a student to have all three of the skills at the level that will be expected, and that is why this chapter becomes the one for which there are the most requests for help. Accepts all Requests

What is your need? If your dissertation lies in the field of science or math, you probably have the math skills, and perhaps the graphic design skills, but you may lack the prose writing skills that will be required. If you are in liberal arts/humanities areas of research, you may have the prose skills but struggle with the math and graphics.

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