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Resume/CV Services

Anyone looking for his/her first job or for a change in positions will obviously need a resume or a CV. Here is the difference between the two documents:

  1. A resume is the document that candidates develop for the vast majority of positions that are available. Whether you are looking for your first position in business, engineering, programming, software design, music art, sociology, sales, or journalism, you will be creating a resume that outlines your background and experience for a decision-maker to review.
  2. A CV is that document prepared by those seeking positions in higher education, research, and in some non-profit areas. These are lengthy documents that also outline background and experience, but they provide much more detail and are written in prose paragraphs.

A Lot has Changed

Designs of these documents have changed a great deal in recent years, and a resume or CV that was considered appropriate then will get no notice now. How you present yourself will be critical, and newer more dramatic methodologies are necessary to grab the attention of a potential employer.

Designers and Writers at

We don’t just find a writer for your resume or CV. Our team is composed of designers who are fully current on the latest in resume and CV designs. They research the companies and organizations to which you wish to apply and design resumes that are most appropriate. Then your writer goes to work to prepare the text/content based upon the personal and professional background that you have uploaded to him/her. You end up with resumes and CV’s that will be perfect for the organizations to which you are applying.

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