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Analysing Healthcare Data

Electronic Health Records is simply a digital patient chart. The system is real-time and allows immediate access of the patient information. Despite the system being very complex, it comes with several advantages. The system has all the patient records in one place, cost-efficient and allows for a restricted access for the authorized persons only. This article is a persuasive paper seeking to ensure that the identified stakeholders agrees and approves the proposal of the system.

In HER, all the patient records are in one place meaning that it is easy to share all the patient details (Clay, 2012). Those with approved access can get the full information that they seek without searching through different storage methods like the office files. Once the information has been fed in the system, medical doctors find it easy to access information about other doctors’ patients in case they are handling that particular patient. Therefore, the system is very reliable in terms of retrieval of information (Clay, 2012).

Since all the information about the patient is in one place, it is possible to restrict access to the patient records through passwords (Clay, 2012). Therefore, the patient is always protected from activities such as cyber bullying, theft of information or simple loss of it. Those who are authorized to access the patient records are the only ones who are given the password to be used. This ensures that no one can steal patient information or carelessly handle it.

Furthermore, since all the patient information is in one place, they allow for easy access and retrieval when the doctor or any other staff needs it (Clay, 2012). Easy access and retrieval facilitates efficiency in treatment through quick analysis of data, diagnosis and follow up on the patient’s progress. Additionally, the doctor or nurse can access the patient information when he needs it regardless of where he is.

The fact that the system is highly virtualized implies that it is meant to run different hardware at the same time. It has been created for the sake of its compatibility with storage hardware, data transfer and data analysis tools. Therefore, it is compatible with the hardware and interfaces that are available in the computerized system. Moreover, the costs and maintenance of the EHR can be high in the short term. However, the benefits of the system, if fully maximized upon, will outweigh the initial capital in the end (Clay, 2012).

In conclusion, the stakeholders should approve the EHR due to its reliability, information safety, efficiency in data analysis and diagnosis high compatibility, and cost effectiveness (Clay, 2012). Some of the benefits such as reliability are realized immediately while others such as cost-effectiveness are realized in the long-term.


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